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Brandon RNIP

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Brandon RNIP Employer Eligibility and Responsibilities Printable PDF

Brandon RNIP Employer Eligibility and Responsibilities

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If your business meets the eligibility criteria outlined below and is willing to agree to the employer requirements set forth below, please contact Shannon at to schedule an employer pre-screening meeting.

Employer Eligibility 

To be eligible to participate in the Brandon Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), employers must meet all conditions listed below unless otherwise indicated by the Economic Development Brandon office:


Be an established employer within the Brandon RNIP boundaries, whose main southwest Manitoba operation is located and operative in the City of Brandon and;

Be an established employer who has been legally operating a business within the City of Brandon for a minimum of three (3) years.

OR be a new business that has invested a minimum of $150,000 capital.

Please click here to see a list of communities that are within the 55 km Brandon RNIP boundaries. 

An exception to requirements 1 and 2 above may be considered on a case by case basis, and must demonstrate the following:

  • that the majority of the economic benefits associated with the businesses’ operations are accruing to Brandon, and
  • that the business has not been established for the primary purpose of facilitating immigration for individuals. 

The onus is on the employer to demonstrate why an exemption is warranted.  When considering an exemption request, the Economic Development Brandon office will take into account many factors, including but not limited to when the business was established, the number of jobs created and sustained, company growth since establishing in Brandon, and spinoff economic activity within in Brandon resulting from the business



The Employer must demonstrate a need for Foreign Nationals to meet labour needs confirming through their past recruitment activities that the position(s) cannot be filled by Canadians or Canadian Permanent Residents. To confirm need, employers will be asked to provide information on their efforts to recruit Canadians or permanent residents in Canada to fill the vacancy. Info such as what is listed below will be sought during the job prescreening process.

    1. Length position vacant
    2. Where the position was advertised
    3. How long was the position advertised
    4. A summary of the recruitment results
    5. Confirmation that the foreign national, if hired, does not replace or displace current employees


Be offering a Foreign National a job that is:

  1. Full time
  2. Permanent (non-seasonal and no end date)
  3. Offering a wage that must meet or exceed the Job Bank’s minimum wage for the offered position as set out in the federal job bank
4. Not be in violation of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) and/or provincial employment standards

Employer Obligations​

To be eligible to extend job offers to Foreign Nationals through the Brandon RNIP (no labour market impact assessment required), employers must also agree to all the employer obligations listed below: ​

5. The Employer must be pre-screened by the Economic Development Brandon (EDB) office before posting a job opportunity on the Brandon RNIP site and before an applicant is able to submit a job offer provided by the employer in support of a Brandon RNIP Community Recommendation.      

To ensure Brandon uses its annual allotment of 100 Community Recommendations strategically, qualifying job offers may be in any skill level, however, NOC C and D job offers will be restricted to specific sectors. Brandon Immigration Pilot Recommendation Committee is not currently issuing recommendations for NOC C or D level jobs within the following North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) categories:

  • 42 – Wholesale Trade
  • 44 and 45 – Retail Trade
  • 66 and 67 - Sales and service occupations
  • 72 – Accommodation and foodservices
6. The employer cannot request or accept any money in exchange for providing a job offer.
7. The employer must declare to EDB if they are using an immigration consultant, representative or international recruiter and if applicable provide the name of the consultant and the company they work for to EDB for data collection purposes.
 8. Employers complete the provided job-posting form for eligible jobs and returns it to EDB along with a job description for each position they wish to hire a Foreign National for through the Brandon RNIP. Approved Brandon RNIP job(s) will be posted on the Brandon RNIP site by EDB at no cost to the employer.
Employers must also post the job(s) on Exemptions to the requirement to advertise the job posting on the Brandon RNIP website and/or the federal job bank are at the discretion of the EDB office.
 9. The employer must provide EDB with a job description for all positions posted on the EDB site. However, the employer may choose whether or not to include the full job description with the online job posting.
10. Foreign Nationals create an online candidate profile and can apply for jobs posted on the Brandon RNIP site. EDB reviews online applications received through the Brandon RNIP website and only forwards the applications that meet minimum skills, education and experience requirements to the employer.
11. The employer is responsible for recruitment and normal human resource screening of a Foreign National applicant for position suitability. Economic Development Brandon is not involved in the employer / candidate selection process.
12. If a qualified Canadian or a Permanent Resident is found to fill the position, the Brandon RNIP is not required.
13. If the employer wishes to hire a Foreign National through the Brandon RNIP, the job offer must be provided to the applicant on the IRCC form, IMM 5984.
14. Foreign National in receipt of the qualifying job offer applies to the Brandon RNIP for a Community Recommendation, on IRCC form IMM 5911 via the process established by EDB.
15. The Economic Development office reviews the Foreign National’s information against mandatory federal and community prioritization criteria, assigning points where applicable and verifies documentation and genuineness of the applicant’s intent to reside in Brandon. Highest scoring applicants are interviewed; lower scoring applicants stay in the consideration pool for up to 6 months. After 6 months if the lower scoring applicant has not received a Community Recommendation the process ends. The employer can extend a new job offer allowing the Foreign National / temporary resident to submit a new Community Recommendation application, starting the process over.
16. EDB notifies candidate and employer of community recommendation decision. Applicant’s that receive the Community Recommendation apply for Permanent Resident, the Community Recommendation is valid for six months.
17. If the employer and applicant desire, a temporary foreign worker application ($230 employer fee) can be submitted to IRCC once, IRCC confirms the PR application is complete (maximum 3 months from application date). The temporary worker application is processed within 2 months.
18. The employer must agree to provide the Foreign National with a workplace mentor once they start work. The workplace mentor and the Foreign National must connect in person or on the phone a minimum of one hour each month for 12 months.
19. The employer must pick the Foreign National (and their family if applicable) up in Winnipeg when they first arrive to begin work. Airport pick up does not apply if the Foreign National is already working in Brandon.
20. The employer providing the job offer must commit to providing at least one settlement support that is in addition to the supports listed above in #12 and 13. Some examples of possible settlement supports appear below. Other proposed settlement supports can be forwarded to the Economic Development office for approval. Supports can be financial or non-financial such as but not limited to helping the newcomer find a place to live, introducing the newcomer and/or their family if applicable to the community, providing assistance with Permanent Resident paperwork, etc. If the Foreign National is already living and working in Brandon, the additional settlement support is not required.

Examples of possible settlement supports

  • Employer will assist the applicant in finding suitable housing by connecting them with rental resources, accompanying the applicant to look at rental properties, introducing them to the Residential Tenancy Board so they understand their rights and obligations, connecting them with a trusted realtor, or connecting them to home ownership resources.
  • Employer will accompany the applicant to set up key services such as banking, driver’s licenses, etc.
  • Employer will assist with completion of permanent resident paperwork.
  • Employer has previously or will complete at least three hours of intercultural competency training in the workplace.
  • Employer has demonstrated commitment to establishing and adhering to inclusive policies or practices in the workplace.
Employer will provide financial assistance of some form (ie. a moving allowance, an interest free settlement loan, provision of a free bus pass for the first month, etc.)
21. The employer, to the best of their ability, will notify the EDB office of the following milestones
    1. Issuance of job offer (electronic copy must be provided to EDB)
    2. Date candidate is picked up from Winnipeg (if applicable)
    3. Date of candidate’s first day of work
    4. Date candidate is no longer employed with the business. (if applicable)

Communities within Brandon RNIP Area

Brandon RNIP Program Timeline

Community Recommendation Criteria

Employer Job Offer Form IMM5984


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