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Brandon RNIP

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Foreign National/Applicant Application Process Printable PDF

Community Recommendation Application Process

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 1. Foreign National creates an online candidate profile by clicking here.
Foreign National uploads any relevant documents they wish to include in the profile such as, but not limited to, English language resume / curriculum vitae, IRCC recognized language test results, education credential assessments, letters of reference, etc.
 2. Foreign Nationals that meet RNIP federal criteria apply for jobs located within the Brandon RNIP boundaries (Brandon and a 55 km radius of Brandon). All jobs posted at BrandonRNIP are confirmed as eligible for the Brandon RNIP. If a job is not posted on the Brandon RNIP website, it means the job has not yet been screened by the Economic Development Office (EDB) to ensure it meets Brandon RNIP eligibility criteria, and therefore would not be a qualifying job. Employers can contact the Economic Development office to schedule a job-screening meeting to determine if their job vacancy is eligible for the Brandon RNIP.

A complete resume in English is required when applying for a position. Supplying a cover letter in addition to your resume when applying for a job is highly recommended. The cover letter introduces you to the company and should contain information that motivates the reader to review your resume.

At a minimum, the following information should be included in your resume:

  • ​Your full name and contact information (phone and email)
  • Full education history
  • Full work history (including a brief description of the duties you did while employed at the listed job)
  • Highlighting your skills and personal interests are optional
  • Three references (preferably work related) which include name, position, phone number including country code and email address
If you do not have a resume, please click here to open a resume template that you can use to create a resume in English or search online for other templates.

EDB reviews applications for employment received through the Brandon RNIP website and only forwards the applications that meet minimum skills, education and experience requirements to the employer who has the posted job vacancy.

Please note that if a Foreign National regularly applies for jobs posted on the Brandon RNIP website for which they do not possess the mandatory skills, experience or education, all future job applications submitted through the Brandon RNIP website will be considered ineligible and will not be sent onto employers for consideration.

  3. Foreign National undergoes the employer screening process when invited to do so by the employer offering a Brandon RNIP qualifying job opportunity.
  4. Foreign National receives a qualifying job offer from employer on IRCC form IMM5984
  5. Foreign National in receipt of the qualifying job offer applies to the Brandon RNIP for a Community Recommendation, on IRCC form IMM 5911 via the process established by EDB.
  6.  Foreign National supplies EDB with requested documents and information to ensure a complete Community Recommendation application has been received by EDB.
  7. The Economic Development office reviews the Foreign National’s Community Recommendation application against federal mandatory eligibility criteria and Community Recommendation prioritization criteria, assigning points as applicable. The top-ranking candidates will undergo further assessment including an applicant interview (through a form of video conferencing) to confirm the applicant’s intent to reside in the community.
  8. Only a monthly basis, the Brandon RNIP Recommendation Committee reviews the highest scoring Community Recommendation applications and makes one of three decisions listed below:
  1. Approve Community Recommendation
  2. Place the Community Recommendation on hold
  3. Decline to issue a Community Recommendation   

Community Recommendation applications placed on hold will remain under consideration for up to six consecutive months from the date of application. While on hold the application will be considered for Community Recommendation in each of the monthly assessment periods occurring during the consideration period.

At the end of six months, the application will no longer be under consideration. At this time, the employer who originally provided the qualifying job offer may wish to issue a new job offer, or the candidate may secure a new job offer for a different position posted on Economic Development Brandon’s website. Either of these options requires the applicant to submit an updated application for recommendation.

Typically, Brandon will limit monthly community recommendations to approximately 10% of the annual recommendations allocated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

  9. The Foreign National and employer providing the qualifying job offer are advised of the Brandon RNIP Recommendation Committee’s decision regarding their application for Community Recommendation. If the Foreign National receives a Brandon RNIP Community Recommendation, the Economic Development office completes the federally provided recommendation form and provides the recommendation to the applicant.
 10. The Foreign National submits a complete permanent resident application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) through the RNIP immigration program. Brandon’s Community Recommendation must accompany the application. The application for permanent residence must be submitted within 6 months of the date that appears on the Community Recommendation.
 11. IRCC confirms the permanent resident application is complete or returns the application to the Foreign National to provide missing documents and/or information. Once a complete application is received, IRRC assesses the permanent resident application as per their normal review process.  
 12. The Foreign National receives confirmation from IRCC that a complete Permanent Residence Application has been received. At this time, if the employer and Foreign National desire, a temporary foreign worker application can be made through the normal channels. Temporary worker approval allows the individual (and their family if desired) to come to Brandon, Manitoba, Canada and work while they are waiting for a decision on their permanent resident application.
 13. The Foreign National and family (if applicable), begin life in Brandon once the Brandon RNIP applicant’s temporary worker permit is approved or their permanent resident application is approved (whichever occurs first) and Canada Border Customs Agency approves the Foreign National’s entry to Canada. The employer and community connect the newcomer and their family (if applicable) with services and community connections to support their settlement.

Offer of Employment Form # IMM5911

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Frequently Asked Questions


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