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Brandon RNIP

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RNIP Intake Period Closed:

Due to the high number of applications received, the Food Service Sector intake closed on April 23, 2024, at 9:30 AM (Central Daylight Saving Time). All received applications will be processed, and applicants will be notified regarding their entry into the talent pool.


Please Note:
The intake period might close before May 6th depending on the volume of applications received.
RNIP staff WILL NOT answer questions from RNIP applicants regarding how to complete the mandatory forms.
All businesses with a North American Industry Classification System number that starts with 722 and any employer who is extending a job offer for any of the National Occupation Codes listed below, are considered for the purposes of the Brandon RNIP program, to be a “Food Sector” employer and are subject to the new Food Sector rules and process described below.

  • 62020 (Food Service Supervisors)
  • 63200 (Cook / Chefs)
  • 65200 (Food & Beverage Servers)
  • 65201 (Front Counter Attendants / Kitchen Helpers)
1. Applications from the Previous Food Intake: 
 If you are an RNIP applicant who applied to the Brandon RNIP program during a previous Food Service Sector Intake period and you have not been notified that your application is incomplete or notified that your application for a RNIP Community Recommendation has been declined, your application is still under consideration. No further action is required from you at this time.
If you are selected from the Food Sector Talent Pool to receive a RNIP Community Recommendation you will be notified via email. 
As the RNIP program is very busy, please do not contact the RNIP office seeking an update on your application as we will not respond to Food Service Sector application status requests.
2. Talent Pool: Please note that the food service sector intake operates as a talent pool intake.
This means we are inviting Food Service Sector applications during scheduled intake periods to prepare a pool of applicants that are ready for presentation to the Community Recommendation Committee.  In a “talent pool intake” there is no set timeline for when Food Sector applicants will receive a decision on whether their Brandon RNIP application has been approved for a community recommendation.
A decision on whether an applicant will receive a community recommendation could be forthcoming at any point until the end of July 2024.  Community recommendations for Food Service Sector candidates is contingent upon the overall utilization of the RNIP program by other sectors and the availability of community recommendations allocated to Brandon
3. Application Timeline:
Candidates will have the opportunity to submit ONE error-free application between April 23rd to May 6th, 2024.  
Please note that depending on the volume of applications received, the intake might close without notice before May 6th, 2024.
Detailed instructions on how to submit a Food Service Sector application can be found in the provided document checklist.
Download the Checklist at this link: Checklist
4. Please Note:
  • NEW - During this intake period, you must submit a "letter of intent" (refer to the Documents Checklist for additional information). A comprehensive and honest letter may eliminate the need for an interview.
  • IRCC has released an updated version of the IRCC job offer form (IMM5984) and the Schedule 1 form (IMM5911) for 2024. Ensure you use the latest versions of these forms when submitting your application.
    Refer to the Documents Checklist for instructions on obtaining the updated forms.
  • RNIP applicants with inquiries unrelated to form completion are welcome to attend one of our walk-in sessions listed below:

2024 Brandon RNIP Walk-In Service 
From 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm on the following dates only

  • April 4, 2024
  • May 2, 16 and 30, 2024
  • June 13 and 27, 2024
  • July 11 and 25, 2024

Walk-In Service is available on a first come first serve basis for RNIP applicants.  
Walk in service is the only means of speaking with RNIP staff in person for program applicants. 

Walk-in service is only available to the following individuals: 
  • People working on temporary status for a Brandon employer.
  • People on legal status in Canada and have a Brandon employer that is ready to make a job offer to them. 
  • People who have submitted a Brandon RNIP application.  
  • A Brandon employer wishing to discuss the Brandon RNIP program. 
    Employers can also email to schedule a meeting outside of walk in service.


Food Sector Employer Process 

 1. If you are not an approved RNIP Food Service Sector employer, please contact the RNIP Team at to enroll as an approved employer. If you are an approved employer, see next step. 
 2. Approved RNIP Food Service Sector employers select which applicants they wish to extend a RNIP job offer to and finalize the IRCC RNIP job offer form (IMM5984) and provide a complete, error free, signed job offer to the selected candidate(s). If applicable, the employer also provides the applicant with a work experience letter as per the published requirements.

Please use this guide to fill out the IRCC job offer form.

If your candidate is already working with you, please provide them with an employer reference letter that includes the points listed
 3. If/When a community recommendation decision is made, the employer and applicant will be advised and next steps explained, if applicable.

Below is a flow chart overview of the employer process for the food service sector intake. 



RNIP staff are available to assist employers with the RNIP paperwork / processes. 

RNIP staff WILL NOT answer questions from RNIP applicants regarding how to complete the mandatory forms.

In addition to readily available guides from IRCC, the Brandon RNIP team have made available a Food Service Sector applicant checklist to assist applicants with completing the mandatory forms.

The Food Service Sector applicant checklist is available by clicking

Food Sector Brandon RNIP Applicant Process

1.  Approved RNIP Food Service Sector employers select which candidates they wish to nominate for the published Food Service Sector intake. The employer finalizes and signs the RNIP job offer form and provides the candidate with the signed RNIP job offer and if applicable a work experience letter as per the published guidelines.
 2. Once an RNIP applicant receives a complete, error free, signed RNIP job offer from an approved Brandon RNIP employer, they review the job offer, ask the employer for corrections if necessary and sign the job offer.  Once the employer and the applicant have signed the completed job offer form, both the employer and applicant should keep a copy of the job offer for their files.
3. The Brandon RNIP applicant submits all mandatory error free documents including the signed job offer, during the published intake period. Be sure to read and follow the Food Service Sector document checklist instructions available here

The mandatory documents must be emailed to Only complete and error free applications will be processed

4. Brandon RNIP staff review applications received during the intake period. Incomplete applications or applications with errors are deleted without being processed. If your application is incomplete or contains errors, you will be notified.
 5. When Food Service Sector application processing is complete, Brandon RNIP  may schedule an applicant community interview with eligible RNIP candidates. 
A complete application does not guarantee a Community Recommendation. 
 6. Brandon RNIP staff presents the applicant’s file to the Recommendation Committee at a regularly scheduled meeting for a final decision on whether to issue a RNIP Community Recommendation.
 7. The Employer and applicant are notified of the Community Recommendation decision.
8. Food Service Sector applicants who are approved for a community recommendation, they are placed in an approved talent pool. Applicants will be pulled from the pool to receive a formal community recommendation based on applicant’s scores as per the published RNIP evaluation criteria and the availability of community recommendations.
RNIP Community recommendations are limited and availability for Food Service Sector applicants is based on overall use by other employment sectors and total number of available recommendations.

Applicants placed in the approved talent pool are not guaranteed to receive a community recommendation, nor will they be notified when they are placed in the talent pool.
9 . If a Brandon RNIP Community Recommendation is approved, the applicant and employer receive formal confirmation from Brandon RNIP staff via email. 
RNIP applicants use the formal community recommendation to submit their permanent residence application and if applicable after receipt of an Acknowledgement of Receipt of a complete Permanent Resident application from IRCC, submit a RNIP work permit application.
If a Brandon RNIP Community Recommendation is not approved the application is considered closed and the decision is final with no opportunity for appeal or reconsideration.
RNIP staff will not answer questions from RNIP applicants regarding how to complete the mandatory forms.

Food Sector Applicant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I was interviewed during a previous Food Service Sector intake, but I did not hear back from you. Should I follow up?
A. No. You do not need to follow up on your application if you have not heard back from our office. Your application is still in the talent pool and we will not respond to this type of inquiry.
Q. How will I know if I have submitted a complete, error free Brandon RNIP application in this intake?
A. If you email a complete and error free applications during the intake period, you will receive a confirmation email after your application is processed.  Please be patient to hear from our office as the Brandon RNIP program is very busy.
Q. Can I submit my application at 12:00 am on April 23rd ?
A. Yes, provided you have all the mandatory documents ready to submit.
Q. Will the Brandon RNIP office help me complete my RNIP forms or provide feedback on the form?
A. No, RNIP staff will not assist with completing application forms.  Applicants are responsible for submitting complete, error free documents during the published intake period. Please note that the intake period might close without notice before May 6th depending on the volume of applications received.




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