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Community Recommendation Application Checklist

Community Recommendation Application Checklist Printable PDF

  1. Confirm you meet IRCC eligibility requirements to apply for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP).

  2. Create a Candidate profile at BrandonRNIP and upload required documents, see Applicant Process for details.

  3. Receive a qualifying job offer (form IMM5984) from an employer who has been approved to participate in the Brandon RNIP. All jobs posted on the BrandonRNIP website are qualifying  jobs.

    Jobs can be found in a variety of ways (online, directly through employers, through paid recruiters, etc.), however If an applicant finds a job elsewhere, that employer must contact the Economic Development Brandon (EDB) office to determine if it meets Brandon RNIP eligibility criteria.

  4.  RNIP Applicant submits the Brandon RNIP Community Recommendation Application (If your browser does not support the PDF form, download it and open in your PDF programand the Community Recommendation Questionnaire with required supporting documents. Upload all documents to your candidate profile. Email to let them know when your documents have been uploaded.

Please note an application will not be considered until all applicable supporting documents have been uploaded to your online Brandon RNIP candidate profile.

Applicant supporting documents include:


Applicant spouse or common law partner supporting documents (if applicable)

If applicable, and to be considered for community prioritization criteria points associated with the Brandon RNIP Community Recommendation, the information below is required for the applicant’s spouse / common law partner:

If you receive a Brandon RNIP Community Recommendation submit a Permanent Residence Application
Note: All pages of this form must be submitted, including privacy statement pages, or it will be rejected as incomplete.


RNIP Permanent Resident Application Link:

Canadian Permanent Resident Online Application: 

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