Personal Care Homes are residential care facilities for predominantly older persons with chronic illness or disability. Care is provided on a long term basis, in a 24-hour supervised setting for patients who can no longer be cared for at home.

Brandon has five personal care homes offering a wide selection of services and amenities.  Contact information for each of the personal care homes appears below:


The Salvation Army Dinsdale Home
 Major Wayne McDonough 


510 6th Street
Brandon, MB  R7A 3N9
Phone: 204-727-3636
Fax: 204-727-2103

60 Beds
(All Private Rooms)

Fairview Home
 Shannon Webber


1351 13th Street
Brandon, MB  R7A 4S6
Phone: 204-578-2606
Fax: 204-578-2842

248 beds
(215 Private, 16 Double, 1 Respite)

Hillcrest Place
Kathy Traill


930 26th Street
Brandon, MB  R7B 2B8
Phone: 204-728-6690
Fax: 204-726-0089

100 Beds
(20 Private, 40 Double)

Rideau Park
 Shannon Webber


525 Victoria Ave East
Brandon, MB  R7A 6S9
Phone: 204-578-2674
Fax: 204-578-2842

100 beds
(98 Private, 2 Respite)

Valleyview Care Centre
Kara Struthers


3015 Victoria Avenue
Brandon, MB  R7B 2K2
Phone: 204-578-3401
Fax: 204-578-3423

89 beds
(49 Private, 14 Double, 3 Four Bed Wards)