Provincial Highway #10 is the main north-south route in western Manitoba, connecting the mining and forestry centres of northern Manitoba (Flin Flon, The Pas, and Swan River) with a 24-hour Canada/United States border crossing at the International Peace Garden to the south. This crossing connects with U.S. Highway #2, a major east-west route across the northern States.

Highway #10 intersects the Yellowhead Route (#16) just 50 kilometres north of Brandon, providing a major route to Yorkton, Saskatoon and Edmonton.


Both Highway #1 (Trans Canada Highway) and #10 allow connection to Highway #83, a main north-south route that runs from northern Manitoba to northern Mexico.

Government of Manitoba Official Highway Map 

Major highway routes from Brandon


There are a number of Brandon Trucking Companies serving the region.

Brandon’s strategic location in the heart of the country and situated along the Trans-Canada Highway means that we have great access to trucking services. Virtually all commodities are trans-shippable to and from Brandon. The truck transportation capital of Western Canada, Manitoba has an estimated 400 for-hire motor carriers, of which over 90% operate either inter-provincially or internationally. Four of Canada’s 25 largest employers in for-hire trucking are headquartered in Manitoba. On average, over 1,000 trucks cross the Manitoba-U.S. border every day.


We also have many Brandon based couriers that are ready and willing to serve your local shipping needs.


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