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In addition to a core population of English speakers, the City of Brandon has significant numbers of residents whose mother tongue is French, German, Ukrainian, Spanish, Chinese and a wide variety of other non-official languages. In addition to those languages specified in the following chart, a wide variety of other non-official languages were reported by smaller numbers of people in Brandon.

The majority of immigrant growth in Brandon since 2006 has been in 3 language groups, Spanish, Mandarin and Ukrainian/Russian.


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Knowledge of Official Languages and Mother Tongue Languages in Brandon (CY)
Official Language Brandon CY 2011  Brandon CY 2006
English only 41,755 38,305
English and French 2,345 2,190
French only 30 15
Neither English nor French 1,205 210
Mother Tongue Languages    
English 37,675 36,470
Spanish 1915 430
Chinese; n.o.s. 965 140
German 685 785
Ukrainian 685 615
French 600 525
Mandarin 200 25
Tagalog (Filipinio,Pilipino) 180 25
Amharic 150 65
Korean 135 10
Creoles 130 10
Russian 130 25
Ojibwa 105 65
Polish 100 180
Gujarati 95 120
Dutch 80 70
Cree; n.o.s. 80 95
Arabic 80 10
Afrikanns 75 N/A
Cantonese 65 45

Source: Statistics Canada 2011 Census

“Knowledge of Official languages” refers to the ability to conduct a conversation in one or both of the two official languages. "Mother Tongue" refers to the first language learned at home in childhood and still understood by the individual at the time of the census.


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