The 2019 Labour Force Survey indicates that Brandon has 32,100 employed and 1,800 unemployed residents 15 years of age and over. An unemployment rate of 5.3% was evident in 2019. Based on 2019 Labour Force Survey figures, the City of Brandon has a 70.6% participation rate of employment for all persons 15 years of age and over.


Brandon (CA) Labour Force aged 15 years and over - 2019  
Total Population 15 years and older 48,000
Total Labour Force 33,900
Total Employed 32,100
Participation Rate (%) 70.6%
Unemployment 1,800
Unemployment rate (%) 5.3%

Statistics Canada Labour force characteristics by census
agglomeration, annual, Table: 14-10-0102-01



The Southwest Region of Manitoba, of which Brandon is the hub, is a notable contributor to the local labour pool. In total an estimated 68.4% of people 15 years and over participated in the labour force in the Southwest Economic Region (ER). The unemployment rate for the Southwest Economic Region was 5.2% in 2019.


Southwest MB Economic Region  Labour Force - 2019  
Total Population 15 years and older 90,500
Total Labour Force 61,900
Employed 58,700
Participation Rate (%) 68.4%
Unemployed 3,200
Unemployment rate (%) 5.2%

Statistics Canada Labour force characteristics by province,
territory and economic region, annual, Table: 14-10-0090-01


Note: The Participation rate measures what percentage of the population 15 years and over were employed or unemployed (i.e. actively seeking employment, on temporary leave or about to start a new job).


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